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Vendor Relations - How Can We be the BEST?

Property and Community Managers have our utmost respect when it comes to job difficulty. Between keeping hundreds of tenants happy, holding a property together, keeping units filled, managing leasing agents and maintenance techs, dealing with vendors, and having a whole 'nother life outside of work...... we wouldn't trade jobs.

BUT, as a company that was solely created to serve you and your needs, we DO want to know how to make your job easier.

One, easy way for us to do that (without wasting precious time) is surveys and interviews.

If you prefer the ease of digital, no-contact, you can fill out this survey so my team can make sure we are your favorite vendors to work with. It'll take less than five-minutes and it'll HOPEFULLY make your job a little easier.

We also have a few volunteers for a 8:00AM to 5:00PM "Property and Community Manager and also sometimes Maintenance Supervisor Rant Phone Line" or PACMAASMSRPL (we're working on the acronym). So, if you'd rather call us and say what everyone else does wrong while we frantically write down what you're saying, that's cool too. We'd love to help where we can.

Drop us a line at 303.227.9100

Love, The Roof and Gutter Guys (aka, your soon-to-be favorite vendors)

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