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How To Make your Work Culture Safer

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We are well-aware that everyone loves having to remember all of the OSHA rules and

regulations while on a job site... Just kidding. We know it gets old.

But we do it for a reason.

Because we are a small company, our employees are more family than anything. We want them to go home in the same shape they came to work in because we care. That being said, regardless of intentions, it can be hard to get employees to remain compliant when they are not being watched by foremen or management staff.

So how do you create a culture of safety, instead of simply teaching them they have to be safe? As a company that has had less than ten job site injuries in twenty-five years (*knock on wood*), this is how we do it.

  1. Start Strong, Finish Strong

  2. Consistency is Key

  3. Enforce and Expect

  4. Safety over Savings

Let's get started.

"Start Strong, Finish Strong"

As soon as an employee is welcomed to the team, the immersion into our culture of safety begins. They are informed of our company's safety practices, fitted for appropriate safety gear, and paired with a seasoned tech that will train them effectively until we know they can be safe on-the-job without example. This practice helps us to know they are being taught correctly from the start, and ensures that they will have the tools they need to stay safe throughout their time with the company.

"Consistency is Key"

Our company has prioritized weekly safety meetings since its establishment in 1995. For us, this works as a learning tool to ensure that our crews are staying up-to-date on regulations, and are being constantly reminded of how and why we are asking them to be safe in the first place. These meetings contain equipment checks, quality control reviews, and education (plus the occasional snack or hands-on activity to keep them spicy). Thirty minutes, once a week, to help keep everyone alive and out of the hospital? Worth it to us.

"Enforce and Expect"

We are not employing high school kids that call their mom for permission to stay out late, we are employing full-grown people who can make their own decisions. With this comes the awareness that any of these people can choose to blatantly ignore protocol of they want to. To discourage that from happening, we require new safety pictures with every work order. From fall-stops, to harnesses, to glasses, we require pictures of it all, in real time.

"Safety over Savings"

Regardless of the size of our company, we want our employees to know that their safety is not being de-prioritized for the sake of our bottom line. As long as equipment is being used respectfully, we will replace it as many times as they need so that we know they have what they need to be protected on site. From fall arrest harnesses, to trucks, to ladders, to safety glasses, we've got them covered and we make sure they know that.

It's not always fun listening to the same OSHA rues over and over again, and trust us, it's not fun saying it either; but we do it to keep everyone safe and spouses happy.

Stay safe and don't forget the two-finger, fall-stop rule,

The Roof and Gutter Guys Family

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