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How To Maintain Your Gutters

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We've been in the gutter business since 1995, so we know a thing or two when it comes to moving water off of your roof and away from your property. In Colorado, an efficient and sufficient gutter system is necessary to prevent ice damming, slick sidewalks, and cracked foundations.

So how do you maintain them?

For starters, make sure that you have sufficiently sized gutters and an adequate amount of downspouts.

The rule of thumb here at the Swamp is:

  1. No longer replacing or repairing 4" gutter, but rather requiring an upgrade to 5" or larger.

  2. Recommending a downspout every 20LF of gutter around the perimeter of the property.

Both of these rules are applied to meet the basic needs of any sloped-roof building. A customized plan, including 6" gutters and 3"X4" downspouts, for example, can be required as well. Consult an experienced contractor or roofer to know for sure!

Second, annual gutter cleanings, and bi-annual gutter cleanings for properties with moderate* to high** tree coverage, are key to keeping water flowing properly.

*Moderate tree coverage is two-sided tree coverage.

**High tree coverage is when three, or more, sides of the building have tree coverage.

Regardless of your tree coverage level, roof debris and other particles accumulate over time. Without an annual gutter cleaning, the particulate can cause water flow to be impeded and ice to form, or gutters to overflow.

On an additional note, gutter guards are not an application that will reduce the number of times you will need to receive gutter cleaning services. They can stop large leaves from entering your gutter, but your property will still experience buildup on top of the screen, and debris inside the gutter as well.

Lastly, your gutters, like a roof, will need to be replaced over time. Maintaining them

properly will help extend their life, but will not make them infinite. These are made of metal, not vibranium (for the Marvel fans). Just keep up with them and they'll do their job.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

Don't worry. We have some services to help.

When you book a gutter cleaning with The Roof and Gutter Guys:

  1. You will be offered the option to book a second one on the same contract for 10% off, scheduled out six months later.

  2. You will also receive a visual inspection, completed by our service techs, which includes a full list of deficiencies notes (with pricing).

  3. You will receive a thorough, waterless gutter cleaning that is better for the landscaping and for the environment.

Not to brag or anything............... just kidding, yes we are bragging.

Stay safe and clean your gutters so grandpas don't break their hips,

The Roof and Gutter Guys Family

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